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Foreword: Why does the Twitter app require so many permissions?

When you use the "flow" of connection via Twitter in order to obtain access to an account, Twitter allows 3 levels of permissions: read, read and write, and read, write + private messages. An additional option provides access to the account holder's email address. uses the second level, read and write, so you can send tweets automatically when you answer a question. This action is explicitly requested by the "Post to Twitter" box next to the reply field.

Never uses access to your profile to publish tweets without your consent, mine data on your profile or follow users without your permission.
Access to your e-mail address is also requested in the event that a report concerning one of your questions, answers or your profile has come to us. Your email address is not stored, resold or made available to third parties.

What type of data does collect about you? attaches great importance to the protection and confidentiality of the privacy of its subscribers and more particularly their personal data. In this context, this Privacy Policy will allow you to understand which personal data we collect and what we do with it, as well as how you can protect your privacy in connection with the services we provide. As part of the questions asked to users and as part of the creation of your profile, the following information are recorded when you are logged into your account:

  • Questions asked: date sent, content of the question, user ID
  • Answered questions: date of answer, content of answer, user ID
  • Profile (originally downloaded from Twitter): Name, nickname, profile picture, profile banner

How is your data used? uses your data to present your profile, your questions and your answers to users of the platform. Your data may be seized in the event of a violation of the legal notices.
Your data is not used or collected for commercial or service improvement purposes.

How to manage your data?

You can contact if you ever want to exercise your right of ownership of your data. If you wish to delete your data, you can delete your account from the page settings. The deletion of your data will be effective upon confirmation of the deletion of your account.

Who can have access to your data?

Your data is processed by and no one else. Storage is carried out on servers located in France.


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